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9.HUAZHICHUN 10pcs CCMT 120408E-RM

CNC Internal turning tool carbide turning tool milling tool lathe tool CCMT

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Used for turning and finishing on a wide range of materials

Smooth chip removal, high hardness, high heat resistance.

High-precision passivation treatment, leading coating process, long service life.

Insert is made of hard alloy titanium plating, wear resistance and incisive blade.

Great processing and high quality, provide fast cutting.


1.We are a factory that can produce CNC tools,Our company strength, development, research, 

production and technical personnel and equipment are very advanced and complete,

2.There are many different types of carbide insert Cutter, they are easy to mixed up just based 

on appearance. Please check the scope of application and size of each model before purchasing.

3.Used for milling, turning, threading, grooving.Applied to ordinary steel and ordinary stainless steel,

such as 45 steel, A3 steel, stainless steel 201, 304 and other soft material;

4.High strength carbide and exquisite workmanship leads to a longer tool life ; 

Good abrasion resistance and toughness